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Silent Diesel Generator

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Silent type genset -- Summarize

The main difference of the silent type genset and normal genset is the silent type add to install the sound eliminator device, it is mainly used to the family and the higher requirement of the noise control.

Low noise unit 20KW-3600KW(25KVA-4500KVA)
1. Low noise units, silent type casing to adapt to urban environmental requirements, can make noise to 64-75 dB.
2. Good ventilation system and to prevent thermal radiation facilities to ensure that the unit always work in a suitable ambient temperature.
3. The large capacity of the base fuel tank, available 8 hours of continuous operation.
Dedicated noise reduction muffler material greatly suppress mechanical noise.
4. Mechanical design and high shock absorption facilities the efficient damping measures to ensure the balance of the unit is running.
5. Scientific concepts and emergency stop button, convenient operation and observing the run.

1. Have fixed-mute all the performance advantages.
2. Suitable for field operations and mobile operations.
3. Wheeled chassis with a traction device, at any time to move and adjust the balance.
4. Tail comes with warning lights, turn signals, driving requirements comply with traffic safety.

5. Can be configured to meet the environmental noise . .

6. Cancellation requirements heavier muffler secondary circulation silencer, to make silencer better.

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